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reduce their team

You should know when your customers

Do you know what your customers are doing?

Well, do you? Maybe you know a few of them personally. Perhaps you can find them in a spreadsheet. Hopefully you've talked to a few over Intercom.

But do you know what they do? Do you know how they use your product?

Would you know if they stopped using your product?

Intercom doesn't help you understand what your customers are doing. It won't tell you when a company starts reducing their active users. It doesn't tell you when a user in your biggest customer visits the "Export All Data" page.

And that sounds like something you should know, doesn't it?

Because when a user wants to export all their data, it sounds a like your best customer might be about to quit. And you'll never know until they've already gone

How would you find out?

You could get a developer to code some notification emails into your app. But we're all buried in email. What about Slack? What about texting the customer success manager?

What if you didn't have to build in all these integrations? What if you could leverage your investment in your Intercom integration?

What if you could build on Intercom's strengths?

Intercom is brilliant for communicating with customers but it does a lousy job of communicating with you. It has a platform for collecting custom metrics but it doesn't keep the history. It sends you a daily email with new users but nothing else. Not even when users are about to cancel their subscription.

Buzzerbot builds on Intercom

Buzzerbot is built on top of the Intercom platform. It uses your existing segments, custom data attributes, and events. You don't need to duplicate them. You don't need to your developers to integrate yet another marketing tool into your app

Buzzerbot remembers

Buzzerbot stores all your customer data so you can easily see who is increasing their usage, and who isn't. You can look at metrics over time, or aggregated by company. And we'll write these trends back to Intercom so you can use them in your messaging

Buzzerbot watches

Buzzerbot keeps a close eye on your segments: which users have moved into the "full activated" segment; which have moved into "inactive"; and which have dropped out of "star performers".

Buzzerbot shouts

Just like Intercom talks to your customers where they are, Buzzerbot talks to you where you are. By email for regular or summarised updates. By Slack for when you need the whole team to be on the case. Or by SMS for the urgent issues which require the personal touch

And, just maybe, Buzzerbot will learn too

In the future, Buzzerbot will even get smart enough to make predictions. Things like, "This company will leave because their average revenue is declining". Or, "This user is highly likely to convert because their behaving just like your successful users".

If Buzzerbot sounds like it could help your business…

Get Buzzerbot for your app!